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5 Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Start Death Prep Organizing

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

We all know there's mental obstacles that keep pushing will preparation and death organization to the bottom of the priority list.

Here's a couple quick strategies to help your future self stick with your estate planning objective.

  1. Break down your giant goal into pieces. Small tasks are easier to do when you can focus on one small step at a time. By using the book, "A Checklist for Mortals: Preparing for Death's Arrival," you can do just that.

  2. Set aside time. Every person has many fires throughout the day. Demands of a job, family, making dinner, walking the dog, and then overall being exhausted. Create time every week to focus on your Death steps. This could be 30-minutes on Tuesdays when the kids have band practice, or for 15-minutes every lunch break, or 4 p.m. on Sundays. You can't achieve your goal without dedicating time to it.

  3. Protect your sacred time. You may have to say "no" to watching your favorite TV show for a little while, or "no" to going out with friends. It takes more time when setting up new systems and habits, but it will become much quicker over time.

  4. Get an accountability buddy. It's harder to achieve any goal alone. Find a friend to ask you how your milestones are going and send encouragement.

  5. Celebrate every win. You finished one small step - well done! You're training your brain to think a whole new way, you're changing all of your habits, and each new step forward is a milestone to be proud of. Indulge in a mint ice cream cone, or a night with a friend, or dance to your favorite soundtrack in the living room with the kids. Every step completed on the death checklist deserves celebrating!


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