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About the book

How does Death keep surprising us?

Thanks to the internet, I'm used to finding information quickly. When my father passed away in 2016, I was appalled at the lack of easy-to-navigate resources to help my brother and I close the estate. I called my mother to vent (of course). And she interrupted to ask me for a favor.


"Take notes," my mother said. "I want to know how to make the process easier for you and your brother when I die."  


This sparked 30+ interviews to see if there were common steps every person (regardless of their individual situation) could take to be ready for Death. I spoke with will executors, funeral directors, probate lawyers, accountants, hospice workers, those working with veterans, and countless friends and relatives to learn from their experiences.

I was able to identify a death checklist with 10 simple steps that adults can habitually do (just like paying bills or washing socks) that will make death (already a complicated emotional process) a lot less stressful for the family.


Implementing this death checklist is the best gift you can give your spouse, child, parent, sibling, or friend. I encourage you to start today. Let the last memories of you be of your warmth and laughter, not the months of trying to hack into your phone to pay your final bills.

— Becky Daniel, author


Becky Daniel has been telling stories since she could babble. She's been published in several blogs, magazines, and worked as a corporate journalist. 


Becky has a passion for investigating tough subjects and breaking them into easy-to-understand parts ... hence her enthusiasm for checklists. 

She earned her communication degree from Union College, and a masters in Integrated Media Communications from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Her weakness is tiramisu.

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You can always tell a Devi Halim illustration from its whimsy, bright colors and intriguing characters. Anything that requires fun, inspiration, and creativity, Devi excels at — whether that’s photography, cooking, sewing or drawing new worlds. 


Devi is a professional graphic designer who graduated from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska and currently lives in Perth, Australia. 


Devi’s weakness is guinea pigs.

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